Jax and Tara

This is a tumblr page for my fansite Jax and tara, dedicated to the great couple from FX's hit series Sons of anarchy.

Jax & Tara, season two (part one - part two)

Jax & Tara, season two (part one - part two)


"I really enjoyed working  with her and I think out of all the things that we’ve achieved on Sons of Anarchy, the relationship between Jax and Tara is the thing that I find plays the the most real and deep and rich and it’s been the thing that I’m the most proud of.”

- Charlie Hunnam talking about working with Maggie

We are just better human beings when we’re with the person we’re supposed to be with. I wasn’t supposed to leave. I belong here.

"When I found out that we were gonna lose Tara, I had an emotional response to it." -Charlie Hunnam


↳ Tara Knowles; Sons of Anarchy

"I’ll die if I have to. At least I know I tried to save them from becoming what you are."

soa rewatch: season two
     ↳ 2x05 smite

Q: Did you ever find yourself caught off guard by your reaction to a particular scene or episode? Charlie Hunnam: You read the description on the page that says “Jax walks into the room, sees the love of his life lying on the floor, being brutally murdered.”

7x02 stills

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